The Legacy

I have been reading about the damage done during traumatic events and the lasting effect it has on victims. I know from my own experience that the horrors we go through can affect us for the rest of our lives. Yes, we move on and hopefully have help and support to do this. Sufferers of Childhood abuse can go on to have a good happy life but not without the love, help and support form Professionals and friends and family. The past events don’t disappear, they are accommodated in the memory and hopefully don’t surface very often. But it only takes a tiny trigger to sometimes allow these memories to rear their ugly heads and render the ‘victim’ or ‘survivor,’ panic stricken.This goes for all of life’s traumas, not only the childhood ones. When people are betrayed, lied to or hurt, the trauma caused doesn’t go away. When you try and help someone in trouble and then find out they have lied about everything, the pain, fear, hurt and horror doesn’t just go away. Just because you are told that what you were told isn’t true, doesn’t make the trauma of those things go away. The pain, horror and sense of betrayal stay, long after the event that caused these emotions.
One of the enduring legacies of betrayal of this kind is the effect it has on trust. It steals away the trust you have for a very long time.
When someone came to me for help, I always tried to help them. I always took them at their word and trusted them. If they told me they had been abused or raped, I believed them. Not in my wildest nightmares did I ever think someone could pretend that this horror had happened to them. Tell me horrible lies over and over again, almost 24/7 for 6 months!
For many years whilst growing up, my trust was exploited and taken away from me. Over my adulthood I worked very long and hard at building this trust and in 2012 it was there, in place for all to see. I helped many readers get away from abusive relationships, abusive homes and they still write to me. I have many readers who self harm and sometimes feel suicidal who wrote in the beginning for support, who now still write to me. These I will help at anytime. But in 2012 Jade Wood stole 6 months of my life, subjected me to the most evil of lies and betrayal and more importantly,stole my ability to trust.
I realised today that her year’s probation is almost over. I was told that on her Twitter blog she is almost excited about this and says she ‘made a mistake’. A MISTAKE THAT WAS 6 MONTHS LONG!!! I think this was not a mistake and I think she is still doing things like she did to me to others. So please beware. Maybe after the book is released I will begin to heal.
I was contacted a few weeks ago by someone else whom this nasty woman had caused worry and fear to, someone who thought J.W. was her friend, today she has gone to the police. I don’t believe what she was told was of a sexual nature, I don’t know. I do know it caused her great distress. When this person saw that I was writing a book about JW she contacted me and told me her story.
How many people has this young woman hurt? How many others will she hurt before she stops. She told me at the beginning that because of the abuse, she had no friends where ‘we ‘ moved her to. In her blog she says she wrote to me because she had no one to talk to, a family who were ‘drunks and bullies’ and no friends. Apparently she is always saying nasty things about her family on Twitter. None of this is true. She subjected me to photos of her arms after self harming, sometimes photos of them still bleeding. She wrote and sometimes told me on the phone that she was about to commit suicide, none of this was true But I didn’t know this at the time and was worried sick! This was alongside the times she was ‘taken and raped and abused’ by the friends of her abuser. Crying down the phone that she was bleeding heavily and I was so scared for her. All lies. Unbelievable you might think but I can assure you everything I have said on here is the truth. She must be stopped.
I can only hope that now someone else has reported her, things will stop. I will let you know.


4 thoughts on “The Legacy

  1. cassie we are all here for you. yes she has to be stopped sooner rather then later but justice will be served and she will be punished someone like her needs to taste the prison life she needs to meet woman who have been raped and abused look them in the eye and tell them what she has been saying for 6months, if I could change my past I would in a heart beat I want to feel and be normal not scared all the time have nightmares I wish she could live my life for just one day. what she did to you and your family is disgusting she should be ashamed. but cassie there is some real genuine people out here who need you and your support not all people are like this creature.keep doing what your doing we are all here backing you in any way we can. thank you for sharing your pain and trauma with us it does help to talk about things, don’t give up hope she will get whats coming to here ( a long prison sentence) stay strong cassie xx


    1. Thank you so much Kirsty. Yes she needs to actually suffer pain to be able to be compassionate. Sadly I don’t think she will. I am not sure what will happen next I just have to wait and trust the justice system, she needs to be punished for everything she has and is doing. To pretend to be a self harmer, an abuse victim, a rape victim is unforgivable and belittles real victims and sufferers. It also must make the police and others, doubt some real victims of these evil crimes and make it hard for them to do anything about it. One of the most evil things she does, in my mind, is to try and get sufferers of self harm to write to her and tell her their stories. This is preying on vulnerable people who are already suffering a great deal. Thanks again for you support. x


  2. she is 100& sick. she wouldn’t know pain if it hit her in the face. as you said what she is doing it will make it harder for the police to believe and support real victims. sometimes the justice system gets things very very wrong I just hope and prey she goes to prison and mixes with people who have real issues I just cannot believe that her family and friends are supporting her can they not see what shes doing is very wrong? how could anybody want to suffer abuse self harming what does she want pity? it just doesn’t make any sense. what she did to you is bullying and emotional abuse and its wrong and to be honest I don’t know what the judge was thinking he or she should have put this creature in jail no buts or maybes. shes not sorry and she never will be. I would say she needs professional help but there is such long waiting lists for people who really need the support and help she would just take up the space instead and waste the professionals time. she makes me very sick and angry. stay strong cassie you are in the right and shes 100% in the wrong xx


    1. Once again thankyouKirsty.I agree she is not sorry and will continue to do this if not stopped. Either by severe punishment or someone stopping her themselves. It is shameful that real victims are suffering because of her and not being believed because of liars like she is. Yes she was using emotional bullying and perhaps I should have gone down that line when I first was asked to prosecute her but I just wanted it over. I never dreamed tha tshe would continue to hurt people. Now I know she has been doing it for a long time. Thank you once again for your support. Take care xx


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