A Change of Name.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing break from work and enjoying Easter, as I am here on the farm. I have taken a break from writing and spent time with my husband , time to just enjoy this beautiful part of the world. Yesterday we spent at an Antiques fair where I was able to indulge my passion of chainmail bags, having found two tiny ones in quite good condition. How good is that!

Tomorrow, if its is a nice day I will spend in it the garden with my dogs and ponies, if not I will be in here, in my peaceful study, back to the book.

I have decided that the title of the book needs to reflect the contents and give a hint to the story. As an author, I am encouraged as all authors are, to keep my readers interested in my next venture. so I write this blog and place my work on my website http://www.cassieharte.com

The book is now going to be called THE FACE BEHIND THE SCREEN, a different kind of cruelty.

This story will be an accurate account of the crime committed against me by Jade Louise Wood over a period of 6 months. It will be honest and true to the incidents of May 31st 2012 up until May 2013 when she was sentenced. Nothing will be changed but real names of people ‘involved’ unknowingly by them, will be omitted and only the names she used will be used in the story. I would like to have used the photos and drawings but feel that I don’t want to implicate innocent people by using the photos and am not sure about the drawings. I will however be keeping all emails and disclosures made to me, exactly as they were sent to me. Word for word. This might make the book hard for some to read because of the depravity, sexual content and language used. During this 6 month  contact with her, some of the things she told me actually made me physically sick. I was often appalled and horrified by what I thought she was enduring and at the disclosures that involved sexual cruelty and abuse to her and sometimes to babies. I have to think carefully whether my readers want the truth or whether it would be prudent to leave a great many such things out of the book. I need to make that decision in due course.

Going back over the events of 2012 is taking it’s toll on me but I need to do this, for me and for anyone else who unknowingly succumbed to someone who pretended to be someone else. Worse than an Internet Troll, a real person wanting to cause pain or distress for their own gratification. I make no secret of how I feel about this perpetrator of the crime against me and will do everything I can to stop her from doing such things to anyone else. It appears the sentence she was given hasn’t made any difference to her behavior.

During the past few weeks, others have come forward and shared their stories with me about this young woman and whilst it makes interesting reading, it shows she has been doing this kind of thing for a long a time and is continuing to so the same. They have come to me, I never approached them.

I know she, Jade Wood. contacted me in December 2012 when I was ‘backing off from her’, she pretended to be someone else. A young woman who was’ being abused’, (her usual introduction to me because of my own abuse). I ‘helped this girl’ before I realised it was Jade Wood and ‘helped her’ escape to the safety of a foster home. I have contacted everyone whose names she used, including  the ‘foster mother’ who supposedly wrote to me. Most understand and believe me, however the foster mother didn’t want to believe me as Jade Wood is a family friend. I don’t blame her as I wouldn’t want to believe that anyone I knew was a friend of mine, would be capable of the things that were done to me and to others. I will use the emails from this other young girl and her foster mum, but will not reveal the name of the foster mum used, to protect her in reality.

I don’t now feel as alone in all of this. The people who have sent me the emails from Jade Wood and told me their stories are allowing me to use them in my book. I will keep their identity protected but knowing others are willing to help me in all of this, makes things a lot easier and gives me faith  and comfort.

The press currently is full of stories of sexual abuse, historical and current. It seems everyday someone, in the public eye is being accused of this horrendous crime. If they are guilty then I hope the law finds them so and they are punished. If they are not guilty, I hope somewhere down the line, the accuser is punished for making up these evil stories and pretending to be a victims of one of the worst crimes, especially against children, sexual abuse. The accused’s  life, if not guilty, will never be the same again. Survivors of this wicked crime are left with serious issues, sometimes for  the rest of their lives. They often self harm or try and commit suicide because their past is too much to bear. People who cry rape, who say they are being or have been abused in this way, when it is a lie, need to be punished for this, it belittles the real victims. People who say they are self harming, when they are not, preying on the sympathy of others, need to be stopped. In all of these lies, it makes the serious, real issues that people have , hard to believe by some. The police find it hard I am sure, they have to act on these accusations but I am sure sometimes they find the story hard to believe, which doesn’t help real victims of rape or abuse. People who self harm, need support, help and understanding, they need to be able to find a way to stop hurting themselves and be helped to work with the deeper reason for their actions. What they don’t need is others whose lives are okay, pretending that this is a condition they suffer with if they don’t! 


If this has been hard to read I am sorry. I would welcome any comment a the end of this blog.

Take care everyone and make sure everyone you befriend is who they say they are. Check them out!.


4 thoughts on “A Change of Name.

  1. cassie you have to put everything in your book. we need to know what you have been through. we want to understand and support you.you have done nothing wrong in time people will open their eyes to this evil creature by then it will all be too late, you did your best for this person you risked your own health relationships and your mind to be available to her 24/7 she abused you in the worst possible way and you have a right as a person to put ALL of this into your book.you have a right to exspress how you feel. I for one will be buying your book.
    being abused now or in the past is not a joke and you have made people understand we are not alone with your book I did tell… if you manage to change one persons life then please carry on what your doing. your a good kind generous person I for one am grateful I have you as a friend and somebody to talk to thank you xx


  2. Cassie,after everything you have been through, to try to play on your fears and to make you feel helpless and upset is something only a person with a sick mind could do.
    I have read what you were told by Jade and i would have been sickened and unable to sleep as well as being fearful for the safety of that person, to then find out it was all a sick joke at your expense is madenning to say the least.
    you write your book and let everyone know just how dangerous this person is. I understand that this person is continuing and asking self harmers etc to speak to her?
    if you are in need of any help please do not speak to this person, all she is doing is collecting your pain for her to use when she next needs attention.

    Cassie you stand strong and tall, we all know what is and isn’t truth, I will be buying your book and will be recommending all read it to make sure this person cannot hurt anyone else like she did you.
    Much Love


    1. well said nicci people need to know what this creature is like as the saying goes the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and cassie is the person to do thid nobody took her feelings into account so I don’t feel cassie should hold back she has a right to have her say and exspress how she feels in her book RIGHT BEHIND YOU CASSIE XX


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