Sadly, I am not alone

An email I received this morning. Worrying but shows that I am not alone in being harmed by this woman.
 “Hi Cassie,
Apologies for the late reply. I’ve just seen your FB status! Someone she did this to actually feels sorry for her?! What on earth!! She isn’t vulnerable at all! She didn’t need the attention or the companionship! She did this for sick, twisted pleasure! Vulnerable would ask for help, not to torment people! She used peoples identities and has told the sickest lies imaginable! Sorry if i seem particularly angry. She has done similar to me. After a while I realised that this wasn’t a troubled young girl, but someone twisted.
Vendetta would be to slag her off! You have not once done that! All you have done is tell people the truth about who is lurking on social media and use it as a warning! What jade is doing is a vendetta! Against people who cared about her and wanted to help her. She’s abused a lot of people’s trust and will continue to do so! 
She is not vulnerable and she’s not sorry. Apart from getting caught that is”
A great deal has come to light in the past few days. I thought it had only been me whom she had hurt but sadly it has been others. This young woman needs to stop hurting people who only want to help real victims and stop using this media to try and entrench vulnerable people into her dark world.
My soul aim is to help. In both my professional life and as a blogger. I wrote my story to help others and will continue to do so with every book I write.
I will not name anyone but thank you all for your support and I wish you every success in getting her off Social media.

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