This week has been rather fraught. Lots of revelations have arrived at my door. Not of my asking, just coming in response to the blog on Twitter from the perpetrator of the crime against me.

As readers know, because of my writing the story, to help and warn others, I have to contact everyone referred to in my story. Anyone who was, unknowingly involved. I have done this now and had many stories of shock and horror conveyed to me.Most have shown support, but one has chosen to believe the person responsible for this horror.

When Jade Wood first contacted me, she said she was all alone, had no family her mum had died in an accident and she only had an aunt, Jen Corte. I wrote to Jen, MARK CORTE, HER HUSBAND, Jade’s FRIEND ELLIE AND AN AIMEE CARTWRIGHT. ALL OF WHICH WERE JADE, USING OTHER people’s emails and FB pages to make her credible.  At the end of this horrible 6 months of lies and depravity, she made up a story, told to me by her friend Ellie, that Jen and Jade’s grand dad had been murdered. She even went to the lengths of posting on Facebook that this had happened and then went on to write the funeral arrangements on Jen’s page! Jen Corte was actually this evil young woman. During the time ‘Jen’ and I conversed on Social Media, some of my friends and family commented on her sad posts, about losing babies , losing her brother etc. Thus bringing many more people into this web of lies. When I tried to break away from Jade, when things became too much and I went to the police, I believe she wrote to me, using her mum’s friend’s name and a Lucie James. Then another story was pursued, all lies, involving a child being sexually abused.


This week, I have been told of many other such lies, other people who this young woman has lied to , made up nasty stories and involved them in her deceit. What for?? Who knows. I do know that the ‘disclosures’ she wrote to me, were depraved, horrendous and explicitly sexual in content and very difficult for me to read. As apart of her lies, she would ask me to write them or send them on to her aunt as she couldn’t bring herself to tell Jen herself. Her aunt, was herself. The only reason I can see for her doing this, is that she got something from re reading them. Horrendous thought but the only one I could come up with.

Her reason, now to people, for her contacting me was that she was lonely. That her family were made up of a drunk mum and a bully dad. I have been told this week by someone who knows this woman very well that her family are a good family and that Jade has friends. So no excuse in my mind for what she did to me and to others. She doesn’t believe my story, the truth.In essence, I can’t really blame this lady. Who would want to believe such horror of someone you think you know?

I am sorry I had to involve this lady, this family friend, she didn’t ask for any of this, any more than I did. But legally I had to tell her, that Jade used her email, pretending to be her, to tell me more nasty made up lies, To send me photos of someone who I don’t think exists. But, yes I am sorry I had to do this but more sorry that she has been taken in by this young woman and feels sorry for her. She also unfriended me because she doesn’t like what she feels I am doing.

I have been accused of running a vendetta against this ‘vulnerable’ young woman who did’ something bad and has been punished.’ I can’t apologise, I won’t stop helping the people who are trying to stop her. Her punishment hasn’t worked. She is still trying to involve vulnerable people on social media for her own nasty ends. Unforgivable. One of these people, whom Jade Wood contacted, is a friend of mine. A lovely young woman who has been fighting her own demons. How Jade knew this, I am not sure, but after reading my blog, she knew who Jade was and has blocked her. So at least one person is now safe. I am not running a vendetta, just telling it how it is. She is not vulnerable but dangerous, her posts on Twitter show that. I am however, sorry to have caused any upset to anyone else.

Apparently her mum blames me. She said Jade contacted me to have me as a friend. Hundreds of lovely readers have done this and I still write to many of them. Her mum seems to think I made friends with her daughter and then dropped her. Not true. I was online 24/7 for 6 months, I felt for this sexually abused, raped, tortured girl and believed everything she told me. I felt a great deal of empathy for her and tried in every way I could to support and help her. Yes I even loved her for the person I thought she was. Broken, abused, lonely and scared and in great emotional pain. That is my only mistake. I believed her. I even used to say a little poem she gave me, telling me her mum used to say it to her, every night so that she slept better. Sometimes I would say it over the phone, sometimes I would write it in an email.

“Nighty nighty

Pyjama pyjama

Hope your sleep is snugarama”. How she must have laughed

So, I am sorry for anyone caught up in this evil web of lies. I will try and warn others not to befriend her or have anything to do with her. I see results of people, in my work, who have been used in ways like this, never as bad as this, and the outcome is always traumatic. I also work with sexual abuse victims and personally know the damage sexual abuse does, for the whole a person’s life.

In my mind, to make this up, for whatever reason is unforgivable and needs to be stopped.

Since telling my story,in my book, my true story of my own sexual abuse and mental cruelty, I have met many amazing people. I have made hundreds of friends and as I said, still write to many of them. I wrote my story to help others who had suffered in the same way as I had and to enlighten those who haven’t. The only one downer after writing my story is Jade Louise Wood. For a while, I doubted every new email, every new friend, she took my trust away, something I had spent years building. It is back now and won’t be damaged.

I believe the truth will out! The police, the CPS and the courts knew what I was saying was the truth. I have every single email, message and text from this young woman. I have every depraved picture she said she drew, every photograph she sent of herself, her friends and babies and children she claimed had been sexually abused in front of her,or born to her. Photos of her baby son’s grave, a baby born to her one evening after she ‘went into labour’ whilst talking to me, covered in flowers and my teddy that I sent him with  averse she asked me to write. The lengths she went to,to make this appear to be true are simply horrendous! I also made a log of every call. I was going to write her story, for her alone, so that it could be a memory book, for after she had recovered. Something she could look back on when she was feeling low and see how far she had come. To enable her to look at what she had triumphed over to encourage her in the future. But now, I will use all this information to write her story. To prevent her from harming others. Not, as I was accused of this week, ‘to make money’. It won’t do that, and even if it did, that money will go to my cause to help others, as readers know.


Thank you for reading this and please comment if you feel it will help.



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