Monday 7th April 2014

Today is a date in time that Peaches Geldof’s family will never forget. A Monday that will be etched in time as a day of shock, bewilderment and grief. Mondays should be the beginning of a week not an end of life.

Today on social media, I have read a great deal about how people thinks this poor talented beautiful young woman died. The writers, don’t know. No one as yet knows, but the stories keep coming.

In my opinion, the cause of death, whilst having to be determined, is not of any importance to those who love her. All they feel is the huge shock and emptiness of losing someone so young and a person whom they loved and treasured.

I am not going to speculate on how she died. I am not going to try and fathom it out. I am only going to ask others to let this family grieve in peace. This is written mostly to the press, although I know they can’t read this. At times like this, people close to the lost soul who has left them, need privacy, empathy and understanding. They need to be left alone to work through the horrible process of grief and shock. I hope the people in charge of our press and media allow them to do just that.


My thoughts are with Peaches small children. Having lost a son-in-law  who left 2 tiny boys, I know how this can affect those left behind. I also know how hard it is to go on when this happens and make sure the children understand how much they are loved.

Let’s leave the speculating and concentrate on remembering a young talented forthright young woman whose start in life may have been privileged  in a way but blighted in another.


Love and thoughts go out to her husband and of course, her dad who has always held a special place in my heart.

Stay strong Bob and love her family the way you love yours.





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