The Warning

Today finds us all a bit sad, here on the farm’. Sadly we lost another pony and the paddocks seem a bit empty. He was a gentle pony, kind and willing. He was also my last link with Evening Star, my wonderful mare whom I lost back in May 2012, just before the Jade Wood horror. So, today is a sad day.

I was informed a few days ago, that the woman who is still trying to damage my name,but to no avail, I am pleased to say. has requested readers on her blog, who self harm, to write to her with their stories for a ‘book she is writing’. She says she is a self harmer, something she pretended to be during the 6 months of horrendous correspondence I suffered from her and was,, indeed, part of.


My main reason for the blog today, is to tell people or to ask people, not to reply to her. I have been told, by someone who knows her well, that she never self harmed and it is all a lie. Apparently, most of what she says on her blog, that I don’t read if I can help it, my informant, a ‘friend’ of this woman’s, says is untrue, about her family life, her suicide ideation and her self harm. Her ‘friend’ has no reason to tell me anything different about this woman and I can believe this after the lies Jade Wood told me for 6 months.

Sufferers of self harm, need help, support and care and understanding .I work with clients who suffer in this way and it can ruin their lives without the right kind of help. What they don’t need, is someone to ‘feed this condition’ or make light of their suffering. She uses the ‘Butterfly project’ as her way in. The Butterfly Project in reality is a good cause, helping people to stop hurting themselves. In my opinion, Jade Wood is not doing this. I believe she gets some kind of kick out of receiving this kind of information as she did by sending me horrendous depraved ‘disclosures’ of sexual abuse that she pretended was happening to her, then getting me to send them onto her ‘aunt’ so that she could read them again. Not healthy!

Please if you hear of anyone reply to her, please try and encourage them to go to the proper Butterfly Project and not to have anything to do with this woman.

This is a short blog, hoping to help protect people and I hope it is taken in the way it is meant.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend. x


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