The clocks go forward… and so will I!

As we go to bed tonight we will, hopefully all remember to turn our clocks on 1 hour, to greet British Summer time. It is a time to look forward, the weather hopefully will get warmer and we will see more of the sun. A time to look ahead, rebuild, make new and have hope. That is what I intend to do.

The past few months have been horrid, another loss of time that we will never get back. It seems that since moving here, in one way or another, time has been stolen from me. Firstly with the Jade Louis Wood horror, then more recently with Lucy being so ill and swept away by someone who wasn’t worth her time.

So now we are all here on the farm, looking forward. No more feeling sad because of past events, learn from them, treasure the good bits and move on. Easy to say, not so easy to put into practice.

Lucy is now recovering well and concentrating on her work and her animals. Me? I am writing again and have finished editing NOBODY TOLD ME. Still with the publisher.

The third book is on it’s way, AFTER I TOLD/ENTRENCHED, the saga of the depraved and evil that is Jade Louise Wood.

Interesting this week. I have had to contact people who are in my book. I have identified many whose identity she used , whose photos she used and whom she pretended to be. She had phones for 3 people, used to text me in their names. Email addresses for at least 4 people, all of whom were writing to me, texting and messaging  me etc, all part of her elaborate nasty story. She says she initially contacted me because she wanted a friend. Anyone on my website or FB page would know that I will befriend and help them if I can. There was never any need to make up horrendous lies to keep me interested. I still write to the very first readers who contacted me when they read my book. What she did was devious to the extreme and took an awful lot of planning and for-thought. These were not acts of someone wanting someone to care, they were all selfish acts to cause me distress and hurt. No excuses.

I have been surprised and upset to hear from the people involved, of other stories of her deceit but warmed by the concern and compassion for me from the people involved.

I want to take this opportunity to thank  everyone who has shown me love and concern, support and friendship at this time and I promise, that in my book, I will keep everyone’s identity protected except hers. I am sure she is still doing these awful things and I will stop her if I can.

She has never said sorry to me for the hurt and worry she caused and so I can only think she isn’t sorry for any of it.

I will keep you informed of the progress of my book.

Have a great weekend all and a great Mother’s day tomorrow. x


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