Sunshine and truth

Well it’s been a bad few weeks but here I am back writing my blog.

Second book NOBODY TOLD ME is still with the publisher so fingers still tightly crossed.


Life here on the farm is getting back to a kind of normal after Lucy’s illness and the loss of her baby. She is back working and looking forward, as she is very pragmatic, she sees this as something to grieve and put away in her heart. I can’t do this as easily, perhaps because I have still been feeling very fragile of late. But I will get there, seeing her looking so well is a great relief.


Over the past few days, revelations about Jade Louise Wood have come to my attention. Not of my doing, just something that I have been told that although it makes me angry, somewhat vindicates any feelings I might have had of ‘sympathy’ or ‘understanding’ of this nasty person. I won’t call her a woman because that would be insulting to women everywhere. Although it hurts to know that others might be taken in by this person’s lies, I am hoping the book will show her for who or what she is and stop this. I also hope readers will be extra careful who they accept as friends on the social media and what they discuss. We have to stop people like her getting some kind of perverted pleasure from others sharing their own pain or horror. I believe that is why she does what she does. We must also remember that what someone tells us about their life, might not have a shred of truth in it. Unless you know the person personally, leave it alone please. If you really are concerned by what someone is telling you, report it to the police or social services, let the professionals help them. It may all be lies as it was with me. Don’t get sucked in please.. All of my new inputs from people, will be in my book, so watch this space.

Today here in Sunny Wales, nature is very busy. Geese and ducks are courting and nest building and so very soon we will be looking for the Spring or early summer babies. An exciting time.

My study window looks out over our land and the pond and lake so I can keep a close eye, when I am working. The second window overlooks the paddocks and I can see the ponies, all rug free and rolling in the grass, very happy to feel the sun on their backs I am sure. I can see far reaching hills and the fields getting prepared for summer crops. The trees are all breaking into tiny buds and the daffodils are dancing in the breeze. How could one not be smiling on a day like today.

I also want to thank everyone who has supported me since the nasty of 2012/2013 and hope you are enjoying this weather and looking forward to a happy year, as I am.

Please leave comments if you feel you wish to.

Have fun all x



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