The past few months have once again been very hard. In fact since May 2012 life has thrown all kinds of nasty at me. A few good moments in between, but mostly not good. Lucy was to be married and was expecting a baby in September and I was thrilled and so was her dad. Things were not so good with her partner, or rather we were not very trusting of him but gave him the benefit of the doubt. How we were proved right! Sadly the relationship broke down when Lucy became ill. He didn’t want to know and refused to look after her at all. She was in hospital a few times and came home to me in between as she needed 24 hour care. All the stress of the relationship caused her to miscarry . Watching a child go through this heartache is almost unbearable. All her dreams were taken away from her and all of ours too. During this time I had no time for writing or anything else, just looking after my precious daughter.

She is on the mend now, at least physically, I am sure it will take us all a long time to heal emotionally but we will get there.

I wrote my last blog in reply to accusations made against me in the blog of Jade Louise Wood who named me for the second time in her blog. She can’t hurt me as I have openly said about writing this horrid story to warn others of dangerous people like her. She has been told and signed a form for me to say she knows about this book. My name is already out there and I have told the absolute truth. I have over 70000 emails, photos, drawings and recoded everything she ever said to me. I don’t lie, never had and never will. I hadn’t read hers for many months but had computer problems and tried to access my own website through Google and came up with THE REALITY THAT IS CASSIE HARTE, that she had written on her Twitter account. She had omitted many things, things that will be in my book, horrendous, depraved things that if people read them on her blog would not be as ‘understanding’ of her ‘problems’. I know for a fact that she has done this before, roped people into her imaginary world of evil and horror. What makes someone write theses nasty things I don’t know. I do know that her mind must be a nasty, depraved place to be. I hope my blog made others realise that most of what she writes is in her head and not always true. If not, the book will.

I am once again trying to re build my life, family come first and so the writing has taken a back seat. But there is nothing like ‘normal’ to bring about a change of mood so back to the writing it is then.

Publisher has my next book as we speak so fingers crossed.

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for your support.


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