A Revelation

UNBELIEVABLE REVELATION! I have just come back on line after the worst two weeks of my adult life. Lucy has been gravely ill and in and out of hospital. She is once again home with us and we are nursing her back to health. This morning we had to have her little cat put to sleep and that has added to her sadness and stress.There have been times during this time that I thought I might lose Lucy and …that is the scariest thing of all. I came online to find a message about the woman who caused us all such pain in 2012 making accusations that are not true. Lucy is asleep now and I felt I had to defend myself. I have copied her blog (Jade Wood’s blog) and my own input is in a different font and in brackets. Please excuse any typos, I have had no sleep for days. This just about finished me.
THE REALITY THAT IS CASSIE HARTE by Jade Louise Wood(scarredgirl13 on Twitter)
Cassie Harte is the person that, in my posts, is referred to as C. She is the person that upset and hurt, and although I hurting her wasn’t my intention, she is still out to punish me even more, without any regards to how it has/is/will effect me. She has posted many things on her blog about me, about what I’ve done, named me,  put my birth date, (I have never put her date of birth and she was on a Google search as a nanny long before she contacted me, the police knew that).and my home town online – making it so easy for someone to look me up and find me. You can even google me, and it comes up with my sister’s name also. This is just becoming a war that I didn’t want to get into, but if she can name and shame me, then so can I! I didn’t want to, but it’s becoming clear that when she posts this book, it is going to be her word against mine; which due to her blog and social media posts has already happened. So, I am fighting back, telling my side of the story! I won’t be writing a book, like her, I don’t want some book deal, nor do I want sympathy as she so craves. I did want sympathy and attention, back in 2012. That’s why I contacted her in the first place. What I did was unforgivable, but I don’t see why Cassie has to keep bringing this up, keep slating my name when she had me arrested, sent to court because she didn’t want anything to do with me! So here is my side. BEFORE CONTACTING CASSIE, I was feeling lonely. I was in a depression (which I didn’t realise at the time), (She was placing photos of her friend Ellie White and her antics at Cheerleading with the Staffordshire jets , online and to me when she first began writing.)I was becoming distant with my friends, and there has always been problems between me and my family, me feeling very much like the ‘Black Sheep’. I felt really low, lonely and in need of some kind of affection. I read Cassie’s book, and browsed through her website which also had her email address on. I wrote her an email, saying I understood her loneliness in her book as I felt the same within my family as she did. I stated how I felt low ect and that I felt connected to her in her book. I read this email over and over and thought “What are you doing? This woman has been abused. Her life was much worse than hers. She’s just going to think you’re pathetic!”    So, I deleted that message and wrote another one, wanting to get an answer, wanting to get someone to care about me. I wrote something along the lines of, ‘I’m Jade, I read your book and something similar is happening to me and I don’t know what to do’. This was the beginning of a caring friendship. Something I had never felt. After a few emails back and forth, I stated that I had an aunt who could help me. I created another person with the intention that my ‘aunt’ would help me and I would no longer need Cassie’s help, that the lie would stop. I gave Cassie a fake email, pretending that my aunt was real and make the story seem a little more believable. I mean what harm could it do, I was going to end contact with her anyway. Then Cassie had asked ‘my aunt’ to let her know how I was doing, asked her if she wanted to deal with me on her own, or if she wanted her help. (‘Jen’ had a Facebook page that she invited me to become friends on and so did her husband, Mark Castle who was also writing to me , they had a baby called Rosie and I have many photos of all of them and a video of Rosie. This all made the story credible. Very thought out and calculated.)Cassie really cared for me, she wanted to know how I was. I actually cried a little at the thought of having someone care for me. I remember that night so well. I had a bath, and cried it the bath. It felt overwhelming that a stranger was making sure I was ok. So I replied, as the aunt, and said that her help would be great. Cassie and I continued to talk, we became friends, and started to even talk on the phone. I loved the phone calls. When I was having a particularly low day, I would tell Cassie I wasn’t feeling good, that I felt like cutting (which was the truth – Self Harm has (After everything I now know, I don’t believe any of this self harming etc. The police told me her family were a nice family and they didn’t think she was a danger to herself. I am also not sure she is receiving counselling but I don’t know for sure.) been a coping method of mine since I was 13/14 years old). Cassie would then ring me, she would give me the comfort I needed, tell me to pretend she was here hugging me, that I was allowed to cry. (Another truth – I’ve been brought up with believing crying was wrong. My Dad would always say “If you don’t stop crying, I’ll give you something to cry about”). Everyday, I craved more and more of Cassie’s attention and comfort. (This all began May 31st 2012 and after the first two days, I was either on the phone or my laptop 24/7. I didn’t go anywhere, neglected my family and friends to be there for Jade.)When I had the slightest hint that she would not be available to me as much, I would create more lies, and they would get worse and worse each time.(She made disclosures of sexual deviancy, depravity, torture and rape, also of sexual assault against her baby girl, another child she had and kept for a few months. These stories and those when she was supposedly ‘taken’ by these men, made me sick to my stomach and could only come from a very depraved, evil mind.) First, it started by saying I had been pregnant. (One night when Jen had asked me to ring Jade because she was upset and locked in her room, I became worried at the sounds she was making. Jen had said she self harmed and I was scared and so far away.I asked her if she were pregnant and she cried yes. The noises being made made me think she was in labour. I was terrified for this young girl and asked her to hold on while I emailed Jen. I wanted to keep Jade calm so emailed and asked Jen to get an ambulance and that I thought she was in labour. This done, Jen kept writing to me as the paramedics arrived and they delivered a baby boy. Jade and baby were rushed to hospital. I didn’t sleep that night and the following early morning they sent photos of a tiny baby on life support. I spoke with Jade on the phone and she was scared but excited. She told me of other babies that her abuser had taken from her and dealt with in various horrific ways. This time I tried to reassure her she could keep this tiny boy. Then the email that said he had died. I was heartbroken for everyone. After this we had the planning of the funeral and the disclosure that she had had a baby girl when she was younger and that her abuser had made her bury it in the garden. This revelation actually made me physcally sick. Horrific. I spoke with her on the morning of the funeral and she had asked me to write a verse for Alfie as she had named him. I did this and kept her calm until the coffin arrived and they went to the church. A few days after this, she had allowed me to tell Jen about the baby girl and kept me informed throughout the search of the garden for the baby. the police found her and then there was another funeral. ALL OF THIS WAS LIES. I have photos of Alfie’s grave full of flowers and toys, a photo she must have either googled or taken in a cemetery, how evil is that!)  (It wasn’t exactly a lie, there was a time with my ex but I don’t really want to get into that. 3 people + Doctors know – 2 friends and Steph – counsellor). I said that I lost the baby but that’s not all. Cassie said to me “I know there’s more that you’re not telling me.” There obviously wasn’t but she wanted more,(WHERE SHE GOT THIS IDEA FROM I DON’T KNOW. I NEVER WANTED ANY OF THIS. Just to help her). so I gave her more knowing that she would be there to answer me still. To make these babies real, I stupidly went onto my friend’s facebook and take photos of their kids to show Cassie, to show her they were real. I didn’t think it was wrong to me, it was just like googling a picture. But now, I know that it was wrong. I didn’t do it in a sick a depreaved way, I just wanted Cassie to continue to believe me, to continue talking to me. Then, things would quiet down, she wouldn’t be online, or ring me as much and I started to feel lonely again. I wanted her to talk with me on the phone more than emailing. It felt more personal. (I would get emails from Jen all day and into the evening, telling me of her many miscarriages and how she concieved by IVF. She would write worried status’s on FB and some of my FB friends would answer and comfort her. She told me stories of her life, her brother in France and her dad in Ireland. All of this made her credible. Her husband Mark who was a fireman wrote inviting me t o a meal after Christmas to celebrate their wedding vows. All believable stuff. But all lies, it was all Jade Wood!) I could hear the care in her voice but I didn’t know how to get her to ring me. I then came up with another lie. (These times were horrendous. She would whisper to me on the phone, say the men were downstairs and then the phone would go dead. I was terrified of what might be happening to her. All this time I was supposedly writing to Jen who had told the police and they had asked me to keep her on the phone so they could trace the call.Then the phone would ring again, she would sob and say she was beeeding, that the men had raped her or worse and then she would get sleepy and I would be scared she was losing blood and tried to keep her awake. Her acting skills were second to none!) T hat people would kidnap me. It seems so outrageous that I didn’t even think she would believe me, but after the first time she did, and she rung me, I kept doing it. I would pretend that someone had taken me, that she would need to ring me to find out where I was and she did ring. I was able to speak to her on the phone. She was like the Mum I wish I had. I loved her. (When she was distraught, I would ring or email her last thing, to settle her down at night. She told me of a verse that her Mum would say (her mum had died before the abuse of her step dad began) she asked me to write this verse to her last thing then she could sleep. I did this every night.) Just a note. All through this I regretted everything I was saying. She would say that she was tired, but I never knew just how much I was effecting her. I never knew that I was making her sick. If I had actually known, I don’t think I would have even sent the first email. I took her kindness and caring for granted, I never stopped and thought that I was doing any harm. During the court case, I was given a psychological test, and was told I had Munchausens syndrome – A mental disorder which makes the person need attention. People usually do it by going to the doctor pretending they’re sick. Mine was a slightly different case, but that’s what I apparently fall under.(She is obviously a good liar and a good actress as she took me in and those others online, she could lie this way easilly and , I believe did this in court. She is not a stupid person, she has an excellent memory, something you need if you lie.) I don’t want to excuse what I did, but with this disorder it explains why I never stopped to think ‘ This is making Cassie upset’. My brain was craving the love and attention, and that is all it was thinking of. In December 2012, Cassie decided to end our communications. (All of this as making me ill. I had neglected everything and every body. My best freind whom I hadn’t been able to see because of not being away from the computer , was dying from cancer. I backed off. Jade rang and emailed me and I ignored it after telling her she needed to work with Jen and not me. Things escalated and a friend of hers emailed to say that Jade had been taken again. A few emails later, I was told that there had been a shooting at Jade’s house and Jen and her dad who was staying there had been shot dead. I can’t explain these feelings now. Then the thing that made me go to the police. Jade sent a very short video of her naked and sobbing for help in captivity by the men who were abusing her. Terrified and completely drained, I went to the police to make sure that she was okay. I gave them all the information I had and they searched the Police open cases and found nothing. Then Staffordshire police contacted me and said everything she had done and said was lies. There was no Jen, Mark, Rosie , Ellie, they were all this wicked young woman making up stories. They went to see her just before Christmas 2012 and revealed they had been to see her several times before for similar things. They asked me if I would press charges. I agreed because this whole thing had destroyed something in me and I didn’t want her to do this to anyone else. They arrested her in January and a day before her 21st birthday and charged her. That night she posted photos on FB of her and her friends out on the town drinking champagne. I don’t think this affected her one little bit!) She didn’t exactly say “Stop. I don’t want to talk with you.” Her words were “I think I need to back off a bit”. This to me, sounded like there would still be some kind of communication, just not as much. So, when I emailed her and had no reply, I got angry and upset. I still needed someone, and Cassie had said she would always be there for me. I sent her angry emails saying I hated her for just leaving me. I had no idea she found out I was lying, that she was going to the police. I tried the things that had previously worked, said I had been kidnapped again, but she never answered. Then I read something online, about not needing people to help me, that I could do this on my own. I sent an email to her saying I was sorry for saying I hated her, thanked her for her being there for me over the last 6 months, and copied the paragraph I found (None of this, may I add, was read out by police or at court!). I deleted Cassie’s emails, deleted her number and told myself to move on. (She rang my phone and emailed me several times up until the end of December.) Then in January, just as I was getting used to not having Cassie around, I got arrested and charged with Harassment and Malicious Communications. I was sent to court, and from January – May 2013, appeared in court several times. My solicitor want the harassment charge dropped, because there was no cause for the charge – The communication was between both of us and Cassie never told me to stop at all. (Many times I said she had to work things through with Jen and Mark, that my part was done but everytime, as she says here, she would have some other drama or crisis and I stayed.) Me, I wanted to just get it over and done with whether the charge was dropped or not, but we got it dropped and I am pleased. Cassie wasn’t happy. At first, the not guilty plea of Harassment wasn’t accepted. It wasn’t until they said it would then be trialed and she would also have to attend, that it got accepted (.I wasn’t strong enough at that time, my best friend had sadly died and I was exhausted from the previous 6 months, it was suggested I accept the plea and then I wouldn’t have to attend. I gave a full witness statement that was read out in court and even the police were shocked and moved by what I had been through. Sympathy is not something I appreciate but understanding and acknowledging this horrific time was important to me.) So, I plead and got charged with just the malicious communications, given 12 months supervision (probation), given a fine, and a 10 year restricting order against Cassie (meaning no contact for 10 years). Further to this, I have lost friends, and due to the nature of what I was saying, am not allowed to work with children (which was my dream career). All of this has caused a massive depression, the self harm manifested and got out of control and I attempted suicide several times(.I don’t believe any of this is true. I don’t believe the things she writes about Counselling as I am in the profession and what she tells others wouldn’t happen. I have been told by someone who knows her that she has no signs of self harm, just all made up in her head for sympathy). I’m starting to get myself back on track, volunteering (and possibly starting a new job soon), I joined gymnastics and am becoming a little more confident. BUT Cassie is naming me in a book and has named me online (refer to 1st paragraph) and no matter how much I seem to move on, this brings me back way down! The situation has become her word against mine, and I’ve not yet been given an opportunity to say my side. All I wanted was a friend, I never aimed to hurt anyone. Her aim is to hurt me, she’s after my blood, and perhaps this post is giving her my blood on a plate, but I’m not this evil, perverted person she is making me out to be. I’m actually very caring and loving and haven’t had much care and love in return. I, myself was vulnerable, she wanted something (YES, I WANTED TO HELP THE PERSON I THOUGHT WAS BEING RAPED AND ABUSED. THE PERSON I BELIEVED SHE WAS. I WANTED TO HELP HER THE WAY I HAD HELPED OTHERS. I DIDN’T WANT MY LIFE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN TO THE DETRIMENT OF MY HEALTH AND FAMILY! Everything that happened was at Jade Wood’s instigation, and I thought, for her good, to help her!!!) and in return I got what I needed. I just went the wrong way to get it. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to ask me questions, I’m not going to hide anymore
(I hope somehow she reads this. I don’t for a moment think it will help. Sorry is just a word. But I do hope you will all share this around to help protect others who believe her lies and stop this from happening to anyone else.) You can read the first chapter of my book about this horrendous time on my website: www.cassieharte.com
Since this happened, I have discovered that Jade Louise Wood told evil lies to others, made fake emails and fake people to get what she wanted from others. She must be stopped. Please don’t believe anything she writes on here.
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  1. shes a twisted individual who needs to grow up and destroy her own life not vulnerable others!!! just give me 5 mins in a room with her and id verbally tear strips off the evil witch!!!!!!!!!! fuming me! Andrea W


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