Past few weeks.

Well the past few weeks have been hard. Lucy is far from well and that is a worry. It also means that planning the wedding is on hold for the time being.
NOBODY TOLD ME is almost there! Last edits and then publish!
My third book is on it’s way, ENTRENCHED, the story of Jade Louise Wood who unfortunately came into my life May 2012 and I have regretted it since then.

I was reading in the paper this week about William Roache and the women who accused him of rape and sexual assault. I don’t know if he is guilty or not, no one does except him and his accusers. Some argue that women would not go to these lengths, wouldn’t make these accusations if they were not true.

A year or two ago, I would have agreed,I would have thought it unbelievable that anyone could cry rape or sexual abuse if it hadn’t happened to them. If it was all a lie. But sadly, now, I know that they can. Jade Wood did, over and over again. Gave great explicit details about these horrendous assaults and depraved acts that she suffered at the hands of abusers. So now I just don’t know the truth about this latest high profile case against Mr Roache, I don’t know what to believe any more than any of us do. What I do know is that if these women who accused Mr Roache are lying as Jade Wood was, they deserve to be punished. They should be named and shamed in the way the accused was. But only if there is irrefutable proof that nothing happened to them.

In my eyes, people who cry rape, people who accuse others of sexual crimes are almost as bad as the perpetrators of such crimes. In these cases, the accused can suffer for the rest of their lives and have to live with people who will always believe, ‘no smoke without fire’.

It is horrendous that some suffer sexual abuse and we need to work together to help bring awareness of these crimes to the public eye. We need to educate children as to what is acceptable behaviour by adults and what isn’t. We need to educate parents , teach them to listen when their children talk to them, give the child enough trust in their parents to be able to take any concerns to them.

People who lie about being sexually abused, belittle the horror of this crime and eventually could make the Police and others, reluctant to do anything in case the story isn’t true.

We all need to do our bit and that means sharing stories that can help in any way.
My book hopefully will do this and warn people of the dangers of the Internet and believing everything you are told without taking away our trust.


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