I hope you all had a great start to 2014.


I have been asked, many times, why I decided to write my book I DID TELL I DID.

I began telling my story as part of my personal development whilst taking my Masters in Counselling. The problem was, I couldn’t share this with anyone so it didn’t have the desired effect. To be able to lay ghosts, make the change from being the ‘victim’ and becoming a survivor, I needed to be able to tell others of the my demons. Open up, share my experiences, good and bad and I hadn’t been able to do that. So at first, I wrote the story of Sophie, wrote it as though it had happened to someone else. No explicit detail, just the story of being unloved by my mother and abused by my uncle.

Still didn’t work. Then I knew the only way forward was to pour my heart out, on paper and tell it all. As it really was. That’s when I DID TELL began. The end result was my autobiography which became a Sunday Times Best seller and is still selling. How surprised was I!I wanted to inspire others who were going through abuse, let them know that there is always the most precious thing of all, Hope. Not to give in and to hopefully enlighten those who weren’t even aware that these things happened.

After writing it I soon realised that it was helping many readers. I have thousands of messages, emails, comments from those who read my story and were touched in some way or another. Some were comforted, knowing that they were not alone in their horror. To know that someone else had suffered in the same way as they had or still were suffering. I had many readers write several times asking for help or advice. Others who wrote and said reading my story had given them the courage to tell someone and break this evil cycle of events. I also have messages from readers who had no idea that children suffered in this horrendous way and who now wanted to know how they could become involved in helping such ‘victims’.


My whole family now know the truth and all but one now understand how I was as a child and how I became dependent on tranquilisers. This is the subject of my next book NOBODY TOLD ME, hopefully coming out this month as an e-book.My estranged family, my brothers, are now a huge part of my life, filling a great void in my heart. I am grateful for their love and support.

So all in all the result of having my life story published has been a positive thing.There is however one negative, a huge nasty that resulted from the publication and that was in the form of Jade Louise Wood who stole 6 months of my life with her horrendous explicit depraved stories. She, like many others, came to me for ‘help’ and I was there for her as I have been many times before for others. I helped her and supported her but most of all I cared for her. This young woman betrayed me in a way that I still don’t understand. Leaving me distrustful, scared, shocked and ill. This is all going to be revealed in my third book , currently called ENTRENCHED or AFTER I TOLD.I have to write this story to warn others on the Internet of people like her. To warn them that just because someone has a name, an email, a Face-Book page etc. Just because they have a life they tell you about that is sad, horrible and abusive, doesn’t always make it true. Check them out, check out their friends, watch their page for a while before deciding whether or not to trust them. They may use other names, pretending they are family or friends, it is so easy to be deceived. I know.They could all be one person, using other names to make their story credible. I yet have to notify the mother of a baby that Jade Wood used, in this evil story, a child of whom she sent me a video, a recording of this baby dancing and singing, lots of photos. I know who she is now and have her name, I will inform this  young mum and others of what this nasty woman has done. The stories she made up about this baby were nasty and distasteful and I feel she should not be allowed anywhere near her or any other child. Jade Wood’s mind is filthy and depraved. But if this young mum is unaware of the crime Wood committed, she will perhaps still trust her.

The other negative is that I can no longer trust as I did before this incident that lasted for 6 months. I check people out, something I never did before. As this saga was unfolding and I was backing off, I was approached by two other young people and spoke with a lady pretending to be a foster mum who had taken one of these young people in. I know who she is now, I have her name and contact and will speak with her quite soon. I need to know if what she said to me was true and if it wasn’t her, let her know how her name was used and to be wary of this evil girl.


It is a year now since all of this came to light. Wood was arrested and charged the day before her 21st, 11th January last year and it has taken me all year to get myself back to where I am today. She may think it is all over but my book will come out and others hopefully protected from her , at least.

Watch this space.

I feel very strongly about people who pretend and lie about being sexually abused. In my mind they are as evil as the abusers. They blacken people’s names and waste police time. The Police at Stafford who dealt with this case, told me of the hours wasted investigating crimes that didn’t actually happen. Jade Wood had done such a thing before she targeted me. If people cry rape and abuse and are found to be lying, how are the police to know who to believe? We need them and other officials on our side if we are to help bring real criminals to justice.

Take care everyone on here. But don’t let this stop you from making real friends of real people. Not everyone is evil most of them are good people. Just take care.



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