The Past. The Present and the Future

Hi everyone.


I hope you all had a great Christmas with those you love.

This time last year we were all , here on the farm, recovering from the sickness bug and the horror of the ‘nasty’ that was Jade Louise Wood. As many of you know, she was prosecuted and charged for Malicious misuse of the Communications network, near to harassment and causing distress. Her punishment was also to include an estrangement order to prevent her from contacting me, directly, for 10 years. This charge and the length of time it was over,means, she should never be allowed to work with children and vulnerable people. It is said in some circles, that if someone is capable of making up lies that are evil or depraved, if they can imagine torture or pain inflicted on others or can resort to telling stories so horrific  and explicit are believed. Sometimes, they are capable of carrying these things through in reality. I wanted to make sure she could not use this imagination and depravity whilst working with babies, children or vulnerable people. We do not need someone like that working with the young impressionable.


I am glad this sentenced was handed down to this young woman and hope that she is never able to contaminate anyone or spread her evil lies in a way that someone might believe her. In the clear reality of life, some people can never tell the truth. They do this for so many reasons. To gain attention, to make themselves more ‘exciting’ or needy. Whatever the reason, they need to stop and think of what they are doing to the listeners of their evil tales.


Now, back to today. Christmas was good but strange. I have a sister who is very ill with cancer and so that made it hard to be really happy. But, we were all well enough and enjoyed a good Christmas day with each other. Lucy and her man came and it was lovely to see her so happy. 


This year RESCUED/AFTER I TOLD will come out after I have contacted friends of this young woman whose photos and a video of the baby ‘Rosie’ who was a friend’s baby, that I believe she was looking after she sent o me, pretending they were her ‘mum’ and her ‘sister and ‘step dad’. I have to do this apparently for legal reasons. I thought I would leave it until after the festive season.


NOBODY TOLD ME will go on e-reader very soon as soon as I know how to do this!


I want to take the opportunity to say I hope all of you will have a good and happy, healthy 2014. 


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