This time last year

I was looking through my last year’s diary and found an entry that read, “You don’t need a good memory or a strong imagination, you just need the truth”.I was about to go to the police station for the 3rd time, this time to give my witness statement for the court case involving Jade Wood. I wasn’t nervous, I had no reason to be, I was just upset and still reeling from the shock. The shock of the disclosures about depravity, sexual abuse, rape and babies being abducted, sexually assaulted and killed. Shocked at the many times I was sat by the laptop and phone, listening to this girl sobbing and in pain. Shocked at the huge undeserved betrayal by someone I had tried to help.Shocked that anyone could have this kind of deviant mind to make all of this up.


My daughter went with me and as I sat down in the station that looked out over the sea, I felt this great sadness. Why was I sad? Was it the lies, the betrayal, the horror of everything the past 6 months had given me? Was it that I found it hard to believe that one human being could do what she did to me? No. The sadness was for much more. I hadn’t been able to see my closest friend more than once during this time and she was to die on the 23rd December. All that lost time. I was sad because I had neglected my family and my animals for 6 months. Sad because I was still full of grief for the loss of my wonderful horse Star, the day before this horrible time began.


Now, knowing everything and happy that some justice was done, I am sad because if what she says is true, she just wanted a friend, all she had to do was ask. I would have been her friend, a proper friend and I would never have hurt her.


As you know, I am writing a book about this horrendous time and naming this girl and all the ‘people’ she pretended to be. I will contact the owners of the photos she used before the book is released. I am not doing this to get back at her, nothing could do this as she has no conscience. I am writing it to help others and warn people of the perils of believing someone whom you don’t know. I am also doing this for me, Cassie, to lay the final ghost.

Spring will come early next year with the release of THE RESCUE/AFTER I TOLD. 

Watch this space.

Have a great Christmas everyone, this year I intend to. x


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