A Different Christmas

Well, I managed to get down to Hampshire this year and visit friends and family. Last year I wasn’t able to do this because of the saga of Jade Wood. I missed so much during those horrid 6 months especially not being able to visit my best friend who was so ill and my family who I visit every year for a pre Christmas visit. But this year I did see my brothers and sister and it was good. They didn’t know what happened last year, only that something had made me ill. So I told them. Names, everything and they were all horrified. It was suggested that I take out a private prosecution as the result of this awful time is still plaguing me.Many said she should have been imprisoned and I have to say I agreed . 

I still wish I had had the opportunity to meet with this young woman and look her in the eye. Tell her what she had put me through. But as my brother said, it would mean nothing to her it would only please her to get the publicity.


Now I have a very sick sister who is in hospital on an end of life programme. She has cancer and they can do nothing. It breaks my heart to see her the way she is. So, I have to be strong and help her and the family through this. 


I have made a decision. Last Christmas was a washout after the most horrendous 6 months of my adult life. So this year, even though having Ellen so ill, I will make sure that those I love are happy. We will rejoice in the fact that Jade Wood is not in my life any more and that the future looks good. I have a wedding to plan and a book to finish so that’s what I will do.


So if I am not on here again before the holiday, Happy Christmas everyone xx



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