One year on.

A year ago today, I had been told that Jade Wood’s mother and grand dad had been murdered and I received a video clip of her, naked and crying. I had been told that the ‘men’ had taken her yet again and I was to wait for her call. Then I had the email saying the two people I have mentioned had been murdered at her home. I was distraught and went to the police to make sure she was okay. Not to cause her trouble but to make sure the police were watching her and looking out for her as she had told me they were. I saw no evidence of this.That was when I was to learn the truth.

I still don’t understand her motive, still wake up in the night scared, still get up and turn my computer on as I did solidly for 6 months in case she needed me.

It was mentioned once that we should meet, me and her. For her to see the pain she had inflicted but I wasn’t up to that. Sometimes now I wish I had gone for that option but don’t think I could believe a word she uttered.

If she wanted a friend, she only had to ask. I have many Internet social network friends and if they need me, I am there for them. So, no, she didn’t have to make up such horrific lies and depraved stories to get my attention.

One day, when my book is out, maybe then she will understand what she has done.AFTER I TOLD is a story that everyone who trusts the Internet should read. It isn’t to make money, it isn’t to get back at her, nothing I do will ever do that, it is a warning that if I can be taken in my someone like her… anyone can.


Almost finished now and then a publisher will decide. 

Thank you all again and please leave comments if you feel you would like to. Cassie 


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