A good day

Today was a good day. My agent called to let me know that CITY EDITIONS of France are taking I DID TELL I DID. I am so happy, spreading the word that you can come back from childhood abuse is so important to me. My second book NOBODY TOLD ME is currently with a publisher so it is a matter of waiting. As for my third book AFTER I TOLD, because some of it is word for word that was written to me through emails and I have 7000 plus emails to trawl through, this is making life quite difficult for me. Last year was horrific, reading the most depraved and sexually explicit ‘disclosures’ took it’s toll on me at the time. Now going over everything Jade Wood told me and my believing it was all happening, is still really hard to do. It is also very hard for me to accept that I was taken in the way I was. To do this to someone is really cruel and damaging.It was done to cause pain , hurt and distress as the court said, thought out and planned. It wasn’t written by someone who just wanted a friend, you don’t do these things to a friend. I will never really understand because all of my life I have tried desperately never to consciously hurt anyone. So to believe that someone would do that to me is hard. My childhood was full of this kind of pain and horror, I thought I had put it all behind me. Writing it all down is eventually going to help me, I know that. I originally kept everything, all the emails and phone-calls and pictures, because I was going to put it all on a disc, in the form of a story-line, so that when she was okay and living a normal life, I could give this to her to read on days that were not so good. To show her how far she had come. Silly me. Silly gullible me I sometimes think. But now it will be in a book, to warn people that people on the Internet are not always who they say they are. The things they tell you may not be true. So I will finish this book. Just watch this space.Again thank you everyone, too many to mention for supporting me and reading my blog and hopefully my books. 


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