The Truth by Cassie Harte

It has been brought to my attention, that someone who caused me 6 months of hell in the last part of 2012, has named me on her blog and stated that I am trying to ruin her life and prevent her from working. I have known of her blog for a long time now but now she has named me as the person who has caused her pain, I feel it is time I told readers who she is. After writing my autobiography called I DID TELL I DID, many readers asked me for help and advice. I am proud to say I have helped some become strong enough to break free from a life of sexual abuse or cruelty. In May 2012, I wrote on here and on Facebook that I was distraught at losing my wonderful horse and many readers wrote and sent me their love etc. Jade Louise Wood from Stafford, who write’s her blog under scarredgirl13’s blog on WordPress/Twitter, wrote asking for advice. This culminated in my contacting a ‘relative’ and ‘rescuing’ her from the home where she was being raped, beaten and sexually abused. Over the next 6 months, I became entrenched in her sordid story of depravity, brutality, sexual abuse and murder. There was a point where I was terrified, not only for her but for myself and my family. The story unfolded of her having had many babies, some of which were sexually abused, some murdered and some stolen. These disclosures were horrific to hear and to read and sometimes made me physically ill.She also pretended to be in labour during one of the many phone calls I was having with her, I was terrified for her safety, running upstairs to the computer between trying to talk her through until help came, to her, on the phone.Resulting in a baby boy who died. She sent me many photos of her, her baby, her aunt etc. The whole story was made credible by my talking by email, hundreds of times to her ‘aunt’, her ‘uncle’, her ‘mum’ and her ‘best friend’. All of these people had their own lives going on and credible stories of how Jade was being taken by paedophiles, raped by many men, even a story of how the men who were hurting her, sexually abused her baby at nine days old. I was continually being shocked and horrified at her disclosures. I would then pass these disclosures on to her ‘mum’, who sent them to the police. There were times when she would go missing and I would ring her and talk her down from suicide. One time in ‘hospital’, she said she gave the phone to a nurse and I was then able to ask the nurse to stay with Jade because she was afraid to be alone.Jade replied, pretending to be the nurse.What a horrid responsibility she gave me, over and over.There were many times when Jade was ‘taken’ by this group and would disappear for hours. The police asked her mum, Jen Corte, to ask me to wait for Jade to ring me, then keep her on the line until they could rescue her. Terrifying times. The reason they ‘allowed’ this to keep happening was because there was a huge operation in place to catch these men. This is just part of this horrendous story. But, there was no mum, uncle, aunt or friend, they were all this nasty young woman, stealing identities from her Facebook friends, using photos of them and their families, making them appear to be real, entrenching me in her lies, just to cause me anxiety, stress and pain. She succeeded.Everything she told me, was lies. I find, claiming you are being sexually abused or raped is an insult to victims of such crimes and belittles their suffering. She has since been blogging about me, referring to me as ‘C’ in her blogs and saying how I want it to be impossible for her to get work and how I want to ruin her life. None of this is true.It is slanderous. I didn’t want to speak out but now she has named me, I have no choice. She is also gaining sympathy and support from readers of her blog and I am concerned that she will do this all over again to someone else. I took every step to try and stop this from happening and yes I did want her punishment for this deception and pain and for that to include her being banned from working with children or vulnerable people.She must have a very depraved sick mind to make up these horrors , these gory details and then send them to me, we need to keep her away from innocent people and especially children. I don’t want her to be a drain on the state, she should be working but she needs to be kept away from others so that she can’t inflict this harm on anyone else. 6 months of being on the laptop, the phone or the internet(7,000 plus emails) 24/7 took it’s toll on me.JADE LOUISE WOOD is not the victim, I was.


10 thoughts on “The Truth by Cassie Harte

    1. Hi Stacy.I have only just seen this and I ma sorry I haven’t thanked you. I do hope I can stop this young woman, I will do my best. Apparently, so I have been told, she is going to be working with vulnerable mentally sick adults! I hope this is just another of her lies but I will find out and hopefully stop this from happening. Thank you again. x


  1. What a despicable human being,if you can call her that. Unfortunately I have 2 granddaughters like her, lying is second nature to them and they are good at it so consequently people fall for their lives and never see through them and know the real them , they have caused me such trouble and pain through their actions and I am always the one who ends up looking bad. Excellent book I thoroughly enjoyed it, but so sorry for all you endured x


    1. Yes Sue,lies can cause so much damage and liars give no thought to those on the receiving end. I am sorry about your grandchildren, must be so hard on you. I am glad you liked my book, I wrote to inspire others who had been abused or suffered in this way and to enlighten those who hadn’t. I know I succeeded most of the time. The only negative that has come out of it is the Jade Wood horror. Thank you for taking the trouble to write. x


  2. Hello Cassie i am so sorry to hear this.what a sick and twisted human!I have just put your book down.I absolutely loved it.and even though it was so sad i loved it and the sincerity.xx


    1. Thank you. It was a horrible time. Telling lies is always wrong in my book but to lie for 6 months, such horrific depraved lies, is unforgivable. But I did get over it, eventually, as you will see if you read later blogs. Thank you for taking the time to write to me.


  3. Wow Cassie. This is horrible. Unfortunately this happens more than we would like to admit. I am so sorry you got caught up in one of these situations. I really hope that she will be stopped. *HUGS*


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